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These Terms of Service reflect the functioning of Flyon Aero Aviation Training Center, the laws that apply to our Company and what we believe in. Consequently, these Terms of Service help to define the relationship of Flyon Aero Srl with the user regarding the interaction of the latter with our services.
It is important to understand these terms because, in order to use our services, you must accept them.
In addition to these terms, we also publish the Privacy Policy. Although they are not part of these terms, we invite you to read them to better understand how the user can update, manage, export and delete the information.


The Services are identifiable as “training activities performed online through the personalized course platform of Flyon Aero Srl “.
FlyOn Aero aviation training center is approved EASA Part 147, n. cert IT.147.0016, through which Flyon Aero Srl delivers its training activity.
The interested user, after registration and payment of the service, can follow the training courses of Flyon Aero Srl and take the relevant examinations in different modalities and in the different commercial methods proposed.
The courses made available are those in the Flyon Aero course catalogue, accessible from the Flyon Aero Srl website.
The contents of the Services include video, audio, graphics, photos, text (slides), branding (including trade names, trademarks, service marks or logos), interactive functionality and other technical materials (collectively referred to as “Contents”).


The training services are provided by and the user enters into the contract with:
Flyon Aero Srl
Corso di Porta Vittoria n. 13
20122 Milano MI
PIVA E C.F. 11698080964


In order to take advantage of our services, we require that the user is of legal age, therefore, if in Italy, being 18 years old. If you are not of the minimum age required in your Country to manage your Account, you must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to use an Account for our course platform. In this case, we invite you to read these terms together with a parent or legal guardian.
If a parent or legal guardian allows his child to use the services, these terms shall apply to the parent or guardian, who shall also be responsible for the child’s activity in the services.


Provision of online training services through the use of My.Flyon.Aero course platform.
Our services are provided according to high quality standards, so, before changing or discontinuing the offer of a service, we take care of user interests, his reasonable expectations and the potential impact on it.
We modify our services or suspend their offer only and exclusively for valid reasons, for example to improve their performance or safety, to comply with law in order to prevent illegal activities or unlawful conduct, to reflect technical developments or because a functionality or an entire service are no longer used or convenient.
In the event that it becomes necessary to make substantial changes that adversely affect the use of our services by the user or in the event of interruption of the service, we undertake to notify the user at reasonable notice.


We expect you to carefully follow the guidelines in these terms of use.
The authorization we give to you to use our services remains valid, provided that you assume your responsibility for the breach of these terms.
Although Flyon Aero Srl grants the user permission for the use of its services, Flyon Aero Srl retains all the intellectual property rights it holds regarding its services.


Many of our services allow the user to interact with other users (e.g. during the webinars). We’d like t to maintain a respectful environment for all, which means that the user is obliged to follow these basic rules of conduct:
• respect the rights of others, including those relating to privacy and intellectual property;
• do not act unlawfully or harm others or yourself (or threaten or encourage such unlawful behaviour or harm), for example by misleading, defaming, bullying, harassing or stalking other users;
• do not act unlawfully or harm, interfere with or hinder the offered services


Flyon Aero Srl protects, including by making use of appropriate corporate security protocols, its intellectual property rights on the services offered (Copyright).
For offered services we mean the training material (slides/illustrations/diagrams) property of Flyon Aero Srl of which Flyon Aero Srl allows the visualization to the user once he acquires the relative commercial package.
Flyon Aero Srl, to safeguard its rights, therefore forbids the user to:
• reproduce in any form, distribute, disclose to third parties the contents of the services provided (as example and not as exhaustive point, to film using electronic tools or making screen shots of the contents of the slides of a purchased online book and to distribute it to third parties);
• modify the contents of the services offered by Flyon Aero Srl with third-party brands;
• copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent any part of the services or software. In addition, the user may not reverse engineering or try to extract our source code, unless the user has received written permission or applicable law allows it.
• Implement any conduct contrary to this provision and in prejudice of Flyon Aero Srl.
In the event of a breach of this provisions by the user, Flyon Aero Srl reserves the right to suspend or close the Account of the responsible user.
In addition to this remedy, Flyon Aero Srl reserves the right to protect its interests in the most appropriate courts.
All rights not expressly granted are reserved.


If the user satisfies the age requirements to use the My.Flyon.Aero, he can create an Account.
The user is responsible for the actions he takes with his Account.
If he decides to send us a feedback/review, such as suggestions to improve our services, he can do so. However Flyon Aero Srl reserves itself the right to intervene on the received message, without any obligation towards the user himself.


We provide our services with reasonable care and expertise. If we do not respect the quality level described in this warranty, you agree to inform us, so that in order to solve together the problem.


The only commitments we make regarding our services are:
• The provision of training services in the different modalities (courses and examinations delivered in different ways such as online book and webinar);
• the reliability of the training services offered;
• Ability to meet user needs
We make no further commitments regarding our services.
Therefore, Flyon Aero Srl cannot be held responsible for any loss.


The contents of the services may contain links to websites and third-party services not owned or controlled by Flyon Aero Srl. By not having any control over such websites and online services, Flyon Aero Srl assumes no liability for them. We invite you to take special care to read the terms and privacy policies of third-party websites and online services that you visit or enjoy.


The parties recognize Italian law as the only valid for all articles and clauses of these conditions.
All disputes relating to this Agreement shall be referred to the Italian courts and the Court of Alessandria – Italy shall have exclusive jurisdiction, without prejudice to the consumer forum where applicable.
The user shall indemnify Flyon Aero Srl for any third party legal proceedings (including actions by government authorities) arising from, or relating to, the unlawful use of the services by the user or the violation of these terms. Such compensation shall cover any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, judgements, penalties, trial and legal expenses.


By law, the user has certain rights that cannot be limited by a contract such as these terms of service. These terms are not intended to restrict such rights in any way.


These terms describe the relationship between the user and Flyon Aero Srl and do not give rise to any rights over other persons or organizations.
We’d like that these terms are easily understood, so we used examples based on our services, but not all the services mentioned could be available in the country of the user.
Where a specific provision proves to be invalid or not applicable, such inapplicability shall not extend to other provisions.
Should the user fail to comply with these specific terms or additional terms of the services, failure to take immediate action by us cannot be understood as a waiver of our rights, for example, the right to take action in the future.
We may update these terms to reflect changes in our services or our way of operating.
Should we substantially modify these terms or additional terms specific to the services we will notify the user well in advance, giving him the opportunity to review the changes, except in the case of the launch of new services or features, or in urgent situations such as preventing the continuation of an offence or meeting legal requirements. The user may decide to terminate the relationship with Flyon Aero Srl at any time by closing his Account on My.Flyon.Aero platform.

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