Part-66 Basic Modules


When talking about “Basic Modules”, the name refers to the subject modules defined in Appendix I to Annex III (Part-66) of Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014. An applicant for the aircraft maintenance licence (AML) have to demonstrate by examination an appropriate level of knowledge in such subjects.

In other words, basic modules are the topics where you need to gain proficiency to become a certified aircraft technician.

Basic modules list

Are all modules mandatory?

All AML categories have a set amount of modules the applicant has to demonstrate knowledge of. To further reflect this, some modules are divided in different submodules based on which category they are applicable to.

For example, AML Cat B3 has to demonstrate knowledge in M07B, while for all the other categories the applicable module is M07A.

Which module should you study?

Use the following interactive form to find out which basic modules are mandatory for the AML category you’re applying to:

  • M01
  • M02
  • M03
  • M04
  • M05
  • M06
  • M07A
  • M07B
  • M08
  • M09A
  • M09B
  • M10
  • M11A
  • M11B
  • M11C
  • M12
  • M13
  • M14
  • M15
  • M16
  • M17A
  • M17B

BRE Training by FlyOn.Aero

BRE (Which stands for “Book online + Refresh + Exam”) is aimed toward people who require a modular and flexible study schedule.

The training is divided into three steps:

  • Book Online
    30-day sessions of granted access to the online Training Manuals where you can study at your own pace.
  • Refresh
    A short training delivered by a professional lecturer who will summarize the basic module and help the students to understand difficult topics.
  • Exam
    The official Part-147 examination which will grant the Certificate of Recognition (CoR) when passed.

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