EASA Aviation Maintenance Training MTO Part‑147 in Pakistan

Enhance your aviation career with FlyOn.Aero training in your home country.

Flyon Aero is a EASA Approved Aviation Training Center (certificate nr. IT.147.0016) which deliver certified maintenance technician courses to obtain the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML).

Group Captain (Retd) Ijaz Khan (pakistan@flyon.aero, +92 300 8500 571) is the focal point of Flyon Aero in Pakistan.

The AML Basic Training (B1/B2) shall initially be offered at NASTP Institute of Vocational Training (NIVT) situated at NASTP Alpha (Rawalpindi) and thereafter, progressively extended to other NASTP technology parks, situated in Lahore, Karachi and Kamra.

Pakistan students already in Italy

On 10th July 2023 Flyon Aero welcomed the first students from Pakistan. For 6 months they will practice inside our hangar to complete the Skilled Worker course.

Flyon Aero Workshop

On 15th February 2023, Flyon Aero held a workshop in NASTP headquarters to illustrate the opportunity for Pakistan students to become an aircraft maintenance technician.

On 29th April 2023, a formal MoU signing ceremony was held at NASTP headquarters to collaborate on delivery of EASA certified training programs at NASTP Alpha.

Advantages of the certified technician

Aircraft Maintenance Training opportunities

Skilled Worker in Italy

  • Multiple Categories
    AML Cat. B1.1, B1.3 and B2 included.
  • Basic Experience reduction
    This training allows you to reduce the required basic experience to obtain the AML
  • Practical Training
    5 Months of hangar practical training with a qualified instructor
  • Practical Assessment
    Practical assesments for the Certificate of Successful Completion of Training

AML Basic Training in Pakistan
(coming soon)

  • Single category
    Applicable for one of the following AML categories: B1.1 or B1.3 or B2
  • Basic Experience reduction
    This training allows you to reduce the required basic experience to obtain the AML
  • 2400 hour Basic Training
    12 Months of theoretical training and 12 months of practical training with qualified instructors

AML Examinations

  • Multiple categories
    AML Examinations are applicable to one or multiple categories (B1.1, B1.3, B2) based on the related Basic Module.
  • EASA Certificate of Recognition
    Obtained after passing the AML Examination


  • Be at least 18 years old (mandatory)
  • Have a diploma from high school or equivalent (strongly recommended)

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