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Become a Skilled Worker

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Definition of skilled worker

"A skilled worker is a person who has successfully completed a training, acceptable to the competent authority, involving the manufacture, repair, overhaul or inspection of mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment. The training would include the use of tools and measuring devices."

Skilled worker privileges

As point 66.A.30 of Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 states, whoever becomes a skilled worker can reduce the basic experience requirements to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML).

The reduction depends on the AML category:


3 years 2 years of practical maintenance experience on operating aircrafts.


5 years 3 years of practical maintenance experience on operating aircrafts.

Should i become a skilled worker?

The aviation maintenance market is in real need of more certified technicians all over the world. The sooner you are able to obtain the AML, the sooner you will get access to more career opportunities and higher salaries.

Skilled worker training by FlyOn.Aero

ENAC, the italian competent authority, approved FlyOn.Aero’s course as acceptable Skilled Worker training for AML B1.1, B1.3 and B2 categories.

Skilled Worker Integrated (B1.1, B1.3, B2)

This 10 month course integrates the Skilled Worker training with a comprehensive Part-66 Basic Modules study program. Ideal for people who wants everything in one package.

Course features

  • 5 Months theoretical training (Part-66 Basic Modules Integration)
    • Part-147 Exam after every module, thus eligible for Certificate of Recognition when passed.
  • 5 Months of practical training (Skilled Worker)
  • Includes study books via My Flyon Aero
  • CV drafting and Work Interviews arrangements support

Advantages over a Part-147 Basic Training course

  • More time-efficient and cost-efficient
  • Ready to apply for jobs in less than a year*
  • Ready to apply for AML in less than 3 years* (for Cat. A)
  • Apply for multiple categories (B1.1, B1.3 and B2) with a single course

*Time estimation may vary based on student performance.

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