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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we aim to provide answers to the most common questions that our customers or visitors may have about our products/services, policies, or anything else related to our business.

We understand that sometimes finding the right information can be time-consuming, so we’ve created this page to make it easier for you to find the answers you need.

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Who is Flyon Aero?

Flyon Aero is the aviation training center which helps its students reach their goals in aviation all over the world.

With headquarters in Italy, we offer consultancy and training services dedicated to both current and future maintenance technicians, managers, engineers and other relative aviation job positions.

Being certified by EASA as a Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) (with approval IT.147.0016), we can deliver both Basic Training ,which will make you suitable to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence, and Type Training, for getting proficient and enabled to work on specific aircrafts.

How can i contact Flyon Aero?

You can find contacts and office hours in the contact us page of this website.

FLYON AERO Courses & Store

Do you offer training in my country?

You can check if we support your country for in person training by visiting the world training page.

We are able to deliver most of our courses via webinar and thus are accessible all over the world. However, some training and examinations (such as Skilled Worker practical course) need to be done in person. 

Where can i see the courses price?

For courses that are listed inside the FLYON AERO Store, a MY Flyon Aero account is required to see the courses price. You can signup for a new account with no costs.

For every other course, feel free to contact us and request a quotation about the course you are interested in.

What does "BOOST" stand for?

BOOST (Basic Overview Online Synthetic Training) is a series of videos that give a general overview of a basic module. They are made to enhance your study effectiveness and be better prepared to face the AML Examination.

BOOST videos are included in all the AML Self-study packages (BOOST, BOOST Pro and BRE).

MY Flyon Aero

Where can i register a new account?

You can signup for a new MY Flyon Aero account in two ways:

I don't remember my password

You can reset your password on the MY Flyon Aero login page by using the “Forgot your password?” prompt at the bottom of the page.

Why do i receive a "Your account is inactive" error when i login in MY Flyon Aero?

If you don’t have any active training or haven’t login for a while, the system may automatically deactivate your account.

To reactivate your account, contact us with the email you used to signup your MY Flyon Aero account.

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