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EASA Aviation Maintenance Training MTO Part-147 in Sudan

We are pleased to announce the beginning of a partnership between FlyOn.Aero Aviation Training Center and Mashreq University to deliver training for obtaining Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Enhance your aviation career with FlyOn.Aero training in your home country.

EASA Aviation Workshop

Join us the 30th of November 2022, at Mashreq University. Our workshop will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to the EASA world
  • Opportunity for the Sudanese organizations
  • Boeing and Airbus Outlook
  • Focus on the AML license
  • Program of the courses
  • Integrated skilled worker course details

More details on date and location

UPDATE: The event has started, signups are now closed.

EASA AML Cat. B1.1
Basic Training

EASA AML Cat. B1.1 + B1.3 + B2
(Refresh + Exam)

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About Mashreq University

Mashreq University is located in the north eastern side of Khartoum-Bahri city. It was established in the year 2003; when it obtained its approval from the Sudan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research upon proving it’s exceptionally well designed and ideally constructed premises to adequately accommodate the lecture rooms and other services.

The approval included a close of appreciation of the infra-structure. The specially designed and constructed University buildings, facilities and infrastructure provide the appropriate educational environment.

Partnership with FlyOn.Aero

Mashreq University signed a partnership with Flyon Aero Srl (Italy) to deliver European EASA Part-147 approved aviation courses for obtaining the Aicraft Maintenance Licence (AML).

Flyon.Aero Aviation Training Center is approved by  EASA, with Certificate nr.  IT.147.0016


  • Headquarter in North Italy, Milan.
  • Satellite base in Islamabad, Pakistan

Advantages of the certified technician

EASA AML Cat. B1.1
Basic Training

Discover the price
  • 2400 hour training
  • Theoretical and Practical
  • Type Training Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 included

EASA AML Cat. B1.1 + B1.3 + B2
(Refresh + Exam)

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Discover the price
  • Classroom refresh with Instructor
  • Part-147 Official Examination
  • Buy 5, the 6th is free!


  • Be at least 18 years old (mandatory)
  • Have a diploma from high school or equivalent (strongly recommended)


Other courses available

Take a look at the course catalogue to find out other courses avaliable in Sudan.

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