Piston engine

Basic Module 16

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This module is required for the following AML categories:


Issued on Regulation (EU) 1321/2014

  • Mechanical, thermal and volumetric efficiencies;
  • Operating principles — 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Otto and Diesel;
  • Piston displacement and compression ratio;
  • Engine configuration and firing order.
  • Power calculation and measurement;
  • Factors affecting engine power;
  • Mixtures/leaning, pre-ignition.
  • Crank case, crank shaft, cam shafts, sumps;
  • Accessory gearbox;
  • Cylinder and piston assemblies;
  • Connecting rods, inlet and exhaust manifolds;
  • Valve mechanisms;
  • Propeller reduction gearboxes.
  • Carburettors
    • Types, construction and principles of operation;
    • Icing and heating.
  • Fuel injection systems
    • Types, construction and principles of operation.
  • Electronic enine control
    • Operation of engine control and fuel metering systems including electronic engine control (FADEC);
    • Systems lay-out and components.
  • Starting systems, pre-heat systems;
  • Magneto types, construction and principles of operation;
  • Ignition harnesses, spark plugs;
  • Low and high tension systems.
  • Construction and operation of: induction systems including alternate air systems;
  • Exhaust systems, engine cooling systems — air and liquid.
  • Principles and purpose of supercharging and its effects on engine parameters;
  • Construction and operation of supercharging/turbocharging systems;
  • System terminology;
  • Control systems;
  • System protection.
  • Properties and specifications;
  • Fuel additives;
  • Safety precautions.
  • System operation/lay-out and components.
  • Engine speed;
  • Cylinder head temperature;
  • Coolant temperature;
  • Oil pressure and temperature;
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature;
  • Fuel pressure and flow;
  • Manifold pressure

Configuration of firewalls, cowlings, acoustic panels, engine mounts, antivibration mounts, hoses, pipes, feeders, connectors, wiring looms, control cables and rods, lifting points and drains.

  • Procedures for starting and ground run-up;
  • Interpretation of engine power output and parameters;
  • Inspection of engine and components: criteria, tolerances, and data specified by engine manufacturer.
  • Preservation and depreservation for the engine and accessories/systems.


  • AML Cat B1
    72 multi-choice and 0 essay questions.
    Time allowed: 90 minutes.

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