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Aircraft Technician training

As an EASA Approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) we are enabled to release Certificates of Recognition (CoR) valid to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML).

Our various training packages are all aimed to make you a proficient and certified aircraft technician.

Other available options are:

  • Basic Training course (2400 hours)
  • One-to-one dedicated private lessons
  • BE (Book Online + Exam)
  • Exam sessions

Contact us for a full overview.

EASA Regulation Training

This training aims to get you proficiency in every aspect of EASA Regulation necessary for specific roles and job occupations.

Basic Regulation

Regulation (EU) No EASA 2018/1139

Initial Airworthiness

Regulation (EU) No EASA 748/2012

Continuing Airworthiness

Regulation (EU) No EASA 1321/2014
(Part-M, 145, 66, 147, T, ML, CAMO, CAO)


Regulation (EU) No EASA 1178/2011

Air Operations

Regulation (EU) No EASA 965/2012
(Safety Management System)

Occurrence Reporting

Regulation (EU) No EASA 376/2014

If you need training for a specific regulation, please contact us.

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